The simple principles of a genius:

Patterns, music and numbers

Frontiers of Architecture I is a major retrospective of Cecil Balmond’s work, commissioned by Lousiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.


A curve of concepts

This 35m long curved corridor unveils the creativity behind Balmond’s work. Which are the fundamental principles underlying each one of his buildings?
The projects are organised according to each of his 7 most recurrent architectural principles.


Fractals in movement

In this room, a massive fractal light emerges from the floor, showing in its interior a fractal composed of hundreds of mirrors, distorting all reflections.
Around the central piece, various expressions of fractals in motion invite the visitor to explore visually this principle.


Work in Progress

Hung in various cartesian planes, diverse media converge in order to show the day to day practice at Advanced Geometry Unit in Arup.
Paper models, animations, drawings or laser cut pieces are used to explore and test the geometries employed in the engineering projects.


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