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Fundació Barça wanted to communicate and showcase its social projects with a wider audience: the Camp Nou Experience visitors.

Their idea was to create a space that could attract part of the visitors at Camp Nou, in order to extend their regular visit for an extra fee. The initial approach was to use high end technology in order offer different assets than the Barça Museum, which is object-based.

The brief was then clear, and the quest started: employing the latest and more relevant technologies to convey their social work. 

Pepper Robot, RFID tags, Video Mapping and 360º interactive video productions amongst other technologies were developed.

The Strategy

In order to convey the depth of work in Barça Foundation, the exhibit articulates around the real-life stories of their beneficiaries accross the globe.

So we travelled the world seeking the most stricking personal stories, and picturing them in 360º, in a way that visitors could experiece a full day in the real life of children who are struggling against poverty, armed conflict, or gender inequality or bullying in Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Lebanon, and Spain.

The Solution

Everything starts with Goal-E, the robot. .

He is dressed in a Barça suit and introduces the space and its interaction principles to visitors, syncronising his movement with a rear projection.

The experience unfolds around a central world map showcasing every type of project.

⟶ The mobile guide directs visitors to a specific 360º video.

⟶ … where they can take key decisions that affect the life of the protagonist.

And then focuses on the methodologies that are in use in the football field

⟶ A multi-user interactive table is set with 12 large touchscreens

⟶ … and a series of arcade games in retro-style deliver the basics on how to become a great FutbolNet coach.

Finally, a 3D video-mapping communicates the main facts and figures about the Foundation and the Club

⟶ A physical shield of FCB hangs in the angle of the double screen, enabling «magic» appeances from behind.

All leads are captured in the mobile device, allowing the Barça Foundation to keep in contact and engage them in future campaigns.


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