ICP Museum

Interactive Permanent Collection

The Challenge

The Catalan Institute of Paleontology wanted to show  their main discoveries not only by means of artifacts, but specially focusing on the research process itself, and their 5 main research branches.


The Touché collective came across with a great solution…

The exhibit space at the ground floor is divided in 5 sections relative to each phase of the research process. Every section counts with interactive, tactile, visual and auditive supports, accessible to people with diverse abilities. 

The interactive setup allows 5 different adventures, related to one specific fossile given at the entrance.

The interaction

Mainly based in screens, it covers the whole research process, and tailors your own research to your given fossile.
You will take your picture and give your name, in order to be part of the research team and be able to write your paper later on.


The space

Every module represents one of the steps in the research process, and is structured combining 4 types of media. Phyisical interaction and touch-friendly elements are always available in order to complement the visual and screen-based information..

The collection.

An unusual way to display «old stones».

Instead of displaying all fossiles at once, we introduced some fake ones so the visitors were enticed to pay extra attention in order to spot them.
All the fossiles in place where used to create the 3D interactive landscape projected in the central screen.  

This project was featured in specialised and general media, due to the innovative use of the interaction for education purposes.


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