When the problem becomes the main asset

Fundació La caixa wanted to bring a 5 meter long stone from British Museum, but it didn’t quite fit in the luggage. So we modelled it and created an augmented interpretation experience


            The concept Since the original piece was not available for display, we seized the opportunity to offer an enhanced interpretation of it, presented in a way that the stone would seem to be physically present. That’s why we modelled the stone in 3D and set up the lighting in the same way as in the real exhibition space. However, as the visitors passed by, an animation appears in screen catching the eye and engaging the visitor to interact.

            Project created in collaboration with Cocobongo MAAY created the interactive concept and directed the look & feel, while Cocobongo developed the UX and motion graphics, as well as created an easily modificable backend.

This interactive was one of the star pieces of the exhibition


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